Cygnus Eridanus

Stout Halfling Ranger - Beastmaster (Outlander)


feature126_jdtertfghjpikshufjhd.jpgCygnus is a stout halfling with a very disheveled appearance. He could almost be mistaken for a goblin or gnoll due to his unkempt hygiene and dirty, mud-flaked skin. Cygnus smells like wet moss and decaying wood. He has an unattractive face even for a halfling, and a grizzly, matted, moss-ridden beard.


Cygnus Eridanus is a displaced wanderer, a refugee of the forest. His family, to his knowledge, was slaughtered by (Insert Evil Entity here); the orchards and forests his family tended - razed. Orphaned at a young age he spent several years wandering the dark woods and swamps of the neighboring area, scavenging and surviving any way he could.

Unlike other stout halflings, who prefer to stay in one place and protect their families … Cygnus is a lost soul with no cause or purpose other than to survive, with a faded ember of the hatred he has swallowed for most of his life.

Cygnus Eridanus

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