Human Fighter - Works for Grain Strength


Description: A genuine smile
Finding and marking sly paths
but a ready sword.

Bio: Bossk left the family homestead as early as possible. The last of six kids, he knew his well-meaning parents and siblings couldn’t expand the farm enough to allow him to be granted a plot. Neither did he care to be in his dad’s, brothers’ or brothers’-in-law employ past the age of 15. So, he used his knowledge of taking produce to market to land a spot with the grocer’s guild. Soon after, he was employed by the woman who would become – without his really realizing it – his mentor and surrogate parent: Charlotte Craig.

Charlotte ran a successful co-op of local farmers where she tended to operate sales and distribution. Recognizing the threat of pillaging war parties, Charlotte worked to combine her agribusiness with a private security firm, forcing any itinerant troops to barter for her farmers’ crops rather than risk conducting raids.

Her business, Grain Strength was born.

Bossk was hired on as a lowly Picker Under Special Supervision, but after seeing promise was promoted to Sales Trainee in Oranges, Oils, Grains and Elixirs. During that assignment, Bossk found himself working closely with Charlotte and became infatuated, not with his boss herself, but with the way she carried herself: confident, generous, and serene. Her business model focused on creating comfort for her staff, customers, and the community of _____

He did what he could to emulate her fair and diligent ethic. For his efforts he was promoted again into the security side of the business as a Sentry With Orders to Deliver, Guide, and Inventory.

Recently, the rare serenity and admiration Charlotte has achieved as a merchant has begun to wear off and she is restless to find a new state of mind. One she doesn’t believe exists in our world. She’s heard of beasts, and even emissaries from other realms arriving on our plane of existence.

Now Charlotte has confided in Bossk. His official orders are to mark safe passage in as many directions and new routes to improve Grain Strength’s trade and network with other merchants for commission whenever possible. Charlotte has asked Bossk to send any evidence, rumors, and even folklore about other worlds.

For his part, Bossk is honored to help. An idealist would wish for her to rule, but if anything, Bossk sees himself the way a loyal retainer to a lord might.


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