Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 2: Greenest

Encounters 3 & 4: The Old Tunnel & Sally Port

The Old Tunnel

Governor Nighthill has asked the adventurers to help clear an old tunnel used during times of siege for gathering water and allowing secret entrances into the keep by townsfolk under the cover of darkness. Opening this tunnel will help save lives.

  • The adventurers help open the rusted locked to the tunnel, almost breaking the lock, but not quite.
  • Before entering Bossk ask if they have a spear he can use. They do.
  • Alaric asks if they have a small hand crossbow. They do not.
  • They fail multiple attempts at stealth.
  • Bossk farts and they decide, “Fuck it, there’s no one here anyway.” They increase their speed away from the stinky.
  • Encounter with a Swarm of Rats
  • Tunnel has a locked gate at the end of it. Alaric fails at finding the key to open it. Cygnus succeeds in breaking off the key in the lock. Bossk fails thrice to kick it open. Cygnus and Bossk (with Alaric’s moral support) succeed in kicking it open.
  • All of this made a lot of noise.
  • They are ambushed by three kobolds and a cultist. They win the day but are badly hurt.
  • Cygnus does unspeakable things to the body of one of the kobolds.
  • Alaric takes the robes of the cultist and his scimitar.
  • People begin filtering out of the forest, into the secret tunnel.
  • The adventurers return to the keep for healing.

The Sally Port

After re-entering the cellar of the keep from the tunnel and being healed by a local cleric woman (who was not at all interested in Cygnus, not even a little bit, because he gave her the creeps and her spider-sense was going off like crazy), a commotion was heard up above in the courtyard. Governor Nighthill drew his sword and charged up the stairs without a thought to his own safety. The adventurers followed at a moderate pace.

  • An acolyte, an ambush drake, and two kobolds had broken into the sally port on the southern side of the keep. Most of the soldiers were up in the tower defending against the blue dragon. The courtyard was full of defenseless townsfolk.
  • Cygnus, in a fit of rage over the incompetence of leaving them unprotected, shouted up to the top of the keep for some kind of backup, but seemingly to no avail.
  • A battle ensued, with the Governor being badly hurt, but still heroicly striking the death blow to the ambush drake, who was attacking Cygnus and Bossk and almost certainly would have killed them both without the Governor’s selfless actions.
  • A lone, young archer, having heard Cygnus’ enraged cry for help, managed to strike two enemies with two shots, dealing the deathblow to the bewildered acolyte, whose powers seemed to have failed him.
  • Alaric also appeared in this adventure and killed a kobold.
  • Cygnus, must to the dismay and disgust of the onlooking adventures, the Governor, and the many townspeople and soldiers looking down from the keep tower above, one again did unspeakable acts, defiling the body of the acolyte in a way unknown to civilized societies.
  • Alaric took the acolytes robes and cleaned the blood using prestidigitation, because of the unwholesome acts Cygnus has wrought.


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